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Residency papers get scrutiny

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

09:04, November 29, 2011

A trial act takes effect today for the city to better monitor its citizens' hukou, or residency permits, with the goal of improving Shanghai's allocation of public resources.

As millions of Shanghai locals no longer live in the homes shown on their residency documents, the city has faced growing challenges in arranging public resources such as pensions and district schooling capacities. The regulation likely will take two years before any improvements are realized, the government said.

The act requires Shanghai-registered residents who no longer reside at the address on their document to register with neighborhood police stations about where they really live.

Neighborhood authorities and police will also increase investigations to spot such residents and urge them to report and update their locations.

Those falsely reporting their residency in order to cheat for social pensions will be criminally charged.

Landlords leasing apartments to residents without asking for their identification cards or to those using fake ones will also be fined. A single violation will lead to a maximum fine of 500 yuan(US$78), the regulation said.

The latest population census showed 30 percent of the nearly 14.12 million Shanghai native residents, meaning those holding local residency permits, are now living in one place while their hukou is registered elsewhere in town. The number has jumped by about 70 percent from a decade ago and is still climbing.

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