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School bus accident injures dozens

By An Baijie (China Daily)

08:16, November 28, 2011

BEIJING - A school bus carrying 39 people in Fengcheng city, Liaoning province, rolled over on Saturday morning, leaving two children with grave head injuries and causing lesser injuries to another 33 people, according to the local publicity authority.

The bus rolled over while passing a turning point en route to the Central Primary School of Baoshan township at about 7:50 am. A sudden rainstorm left the road frozen and slick, said Lu Xuekun, head of the city government's publicity office.

Lu said that two 7-year-old girls received "grave" head injuries, and they were sent to the intensive care unit of the local hospital. The other 33 students were slightly injured, and they were sent to two local hospitals, Lu said.

"The two severely injured girls are in stable condition after four doctors from Shenyang performed surgery on them," Lu told China Daily on Sunday.

Two of the 33 slightly injured students were treated and released, while the rest remained under observation.

The school bus, which was purchased last year, was qualified to carry 41 people. She said that 39 people, including a driver, a ticket seller, the parent of one student and 36 students, were on the bus.

Wen Xiaohua, the driver, got a license in 2001 and was "experienced", according to Lu. Wen, 33, was still under investigation.

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