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Home alone

(Global Times)

15:45, November 25, 2011

Wang Qin, a left-behind child, and her classmates dig wild herbs on Saturday in Guiyang, Guizhou Province.

"I feel guilty for not playing my role as a father to my daughter, and a son to my parents," said Gao Xiangzeng, who left his four-year-old daughter with his parents in Zhengning county, Gansu Province, and works with his wife in Shanghai. Gao's daughter lost her life when her overloaded school bus crashed head-on with a truck on November 16.

According to Gao, he and his wife had intended to send their daughter to kindergarten in Shanghai, but they couldn't afford the tuition fees at private schools. Public schools do not allow children with no local household residence (hukou) to enroll, so they had to send their daughter back to their hometown.

After returning home, Gao's daughter enrolled at the Little Doctor Kindergarten.

"We had to send our daughter to Little Doctor Kindergarten as it is the only one in the county. As the rural area is poor, we could not ensure the school bus would not be overcrowded," Gao told news portal in tears.

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