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Pension, medical insurance for clergy in Tibet


10:57, November 25, 2011

LHASA - China's Tibet autonomous region will offer pension and medical insurance policies to monks and nuns at all monasteries in the plateau region starting next year, as per a new policy issued here this week.

All registered clergy aged 18 and over can apply for free to benefit from these social security measures.

"It's a major step toward improving Tibetan people's lives," said Wu Yingjie, deputy secretary of Tibet's regional committee of the Communist Party of China.

The move was aimed at protecting the rights of monks and nuns by extending public services to their monasteries, he said.

"The new measure has removed the household registration barrier, which confined the clergy's access to social security services offered in their hometowns," said Ngawang, a monk at Ganden Monastery near Lhasa.

Ganden Monastery has more than 300 registered monks, but only the 70 Lhasa residents among them are covered by local social security schemes.

The rest of the clergy, from other Tibetan communities in the Tibet autonomous region and the neighboring Qinghai and Sichuan provinces, could not benefit from Lhasa's social security services, which covered only the locals, said Ngawang.

"The new policy will enable all the monks to get pension and medical insurance here in Lhasa," he said.

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hans at 2011-11-25116.236.122.*
it is a good measure for these resider who in poor mountain area

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