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Tainted dumplings discovered

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

11:08, November 24, 2011

The Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau said yesterday it has inspected frozen dumpling products sold in local markets, finding that 15 batches of products had quality problems.

Included were Wanchai Ferry pork and Chinese cabbage frozen dumpings sold at E-Mart's Ruihong branch that were found to contain golden staph bacteria, which can cause pneumonia and blood poisoning. The Wanchai Ferry products, a total of 68,580 bags, were produced on September 3.

The bureau has ordered local markets to remove the questioned products from shelves, and recall all those already sold, officials said. No more details were given on other brands of dumplings failing the tests.

Shanghai's quality watchdog also is testing the Wanchai Ferry frozen dumplings taken from its plant in the city after a type of the companies' products were found to contain the golden staph bacteria.

The Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said it drew four samples from the company, including the wonton with minced pork and shepherd's purse that was found several weeks ago to be infected with golden staph. Up to yesterday three of those samples had been tested, and no problem was found, the bureau said.

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