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Accountants investigate score fixing

By Claire Wang (Shanghai Daily)

14:26, November 23, 2011

China's governing body for accountants has launched an investigation after exam candidates received text messages offering to alter their scores for a price.

The text senders claimed scores could be changed to whatever the Certified Public Accountant candidates wanted, for a fee of between 1,400 yuan (US$219) and 2,000 yuan for each subject, the Beijing Times reported yesterday.

Many exam takers are now questioning security surrounding the test, results of which will be announced next month, the report said.

The senders of the texts claimed they could hack into candidates details - including scores - armed only with a cellphone number.

A woman, who called herself Yang, claimed to the newspaper to have sent the texts and to be an insider with China's Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

To prove she had access to the CICPA database, Yang detailed one exam taker's personal information, including test results, the report said.

Yang claimed to have been doing this for five years and have changed scores for many candidates.

CICPA officials said they had received complaints and were investigating.


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