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The beauty of the lesser-known Cantonese culinary tradition

By Liu Sheng (Global Times)

13:43, November 23, 2011

Diners enjoy Chaoshan porridge in a Chaoshan cuisine restaurant. Photo: Lu Yun/GT

Located on the border of Guangdong and Fujian provinces in southeast China, the Chaoshan region has been dubbed the "Pearl of the South China Sea." Set against the backdrop of stunning mountains and facing the sea, Chaoshan geographically includes the cities of Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang.

Affiliated to Cantonese cuisine - one of the eight major culinary schools in China - Chaoshan food is characterized as light, fresh, crisp and sweet tasting.

The main ingredients for Chaoshan meals include fresh seafood, poultry and vegetables - all easily sourced within the area.

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The beauty of the lesser-known Cantonese culinary tradition

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