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Truck fees lead to police sackings

By An Baijie and Sun Ruisheng (Changjiang Daily)

11:28, November 23, 2011

TAIYUAN - Two Shanxi province police chiefs lost their jobs after media reports said traffic policemen under their command had abused their power to collect fees from truck drivers, a supervision official said on Tuesday.

Zhang Yong, director of the Shanxi provincial supervision department's office of rectifying, said the department has decided to remove the two directors and other officials from the public security bureaus in Lan-xian and Yuxian counties, where traffic policemen are suspected of charging truck drivers illegal fines.

The punishments came in response to a report on Monday by China Central Television (CCTV) that said traffic policemen in the two counties had fined truck drivers at will and without explaining their actions or producing receipts.

The CCTV report showed a person appearing to be a traffic policeman stop a truck on Oct 27 in Lanxian county. The man said nothing, only raising a single finger.

The driver responded by giving him 100 yuan ($15.7) and was allowed to pass.

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