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Smaller units to supervise railways

(China Daily)

08:45, November 23, 2011

BEIJING - In its latest attempt to make the country's rail system safer, the Ministry of Railways has ordered its subordinate bureaus to divide up large railway stations and railroad and train maintenance units.

Once reformed, those entities will be charged with taking special care of high-speed railways.

The Beijing Railway Bureau, according to reports, has been the first to take steps in that direction. The Beijing South Railway Station, where trains that can run at 300 km an hour depart from Beijing for Shanghai and Tianjin, now governs itself.

Before the latest changes, the south station had operated under the Beijing Railway Station.

The Tianjin West Railway Station has also become independent. Both high-speed railway stations now operate directly under the Beijing Railway Bureau.

The ministry's plan calls not only for railway stations to be broken up, but also the large units that are responsible for maintaining rail tracks and trains.

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