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Investigator says local media misquoted him on train crash cause


15:03, November 22, 2011

BEIJING, Nov 22 (Xinhua) -- Wang Mengshu, an expert investigator into July's Wenzhou train crash, refuted a newspaper's report late Monday, saying he was misquoted about the cause of the deadly accident.

Wang refuted The Beijing Times' report Monday that poor management was to blame for the fatal high-speed train collision, which overturned preliminary investigation results attributing the accident mainly to the serious design flaws in railway signaling equipment.

"Based on our probe and a simulated recreation of the accident, the major problem was not technology, but the loopholes in management," the newspaper cited Wang as saying.

However, Wang said what he told the newspaper's reporter only represented his own opinions, and they were misused in the report.

"The reporter said he wanted to know about the probe, and asked why the investigative report had not been made public. I said, don't worry, the State Council investigatory panel will release the correct and comprehensive results," said Wang, deputy head of an expert investigating team.

He said he had not given all his attention to the probe as he was tied up by his own job, and therefore did not get the whole picture of the investigation, especially the final conclusions. Neither did he know whether the report had been submitted or not.

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