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Charity to publish 1st annual report

By  Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

09:00, November 22, 2011

THE Shanghai Charity Foundation will publish an annual report for the first time on its annual "charity carnival" - "True Love Under the Blue Sky," which kicked off yesterday.

The foundation yesterday published details of how it used one of its funds, which goes toward programs helping families impoverished by serious diseases. The program, Aixin Yaji, which means "collecting the love," started in 2000. Up to the end of last month, the program had raised 5.12 million yuan (US$805,740), of which about 3 million yuan has been distributed to 236 families, officials said.

The annual report covering the whole year will be published on January 7, when the event reaches its climax, said the foundation. Officials say all the foundation's fund operations will be under the public eye, and they promise that people's donations are used properly and legally.

Earlier, the reputation of Chinese charities was challenged after 20-year-old Guo Meimei, who claimed to be the general manager of "Red Cross Commerce," showed off her wealth and extravagant lifestyle online. Even though Guo's claims were false, the China Red Cross was widely accused of malpractice and corruption and other charity groups were affected.

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helen at 2011-11-22203.82.82.*
There is currently a great credibility gap between the "charity or foundation" and the Chinese people. And officials in these so-called charity organisations are having the time of their lives. Only in unnecessary projects that kickbacks can be extorted. This is in addition to criminally siphoning donations to support their lifestyles and foreign bank accounts.CCDI should investigate all charities and foundations. At this stage of China development, any risks for illegal gains are acceptable to those white collar criminals. Does Beijing have the will to clamp down hard on these ongoing scams on the people!?

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