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Major cities suffering months of hazy days

By Dong Zhen  (Shanghai Daily)

08:45, November 22, 2011

Shanghai and Beijing are among a number of major Chinese cities which experienced "hazy" days for up to half of last year.

The findings indicate China's worsening trend of urban air pollution, which could be blamed mainly on emissions, according to the state environmental watchdog.

The other cities experiencing haze for periods from a total of three to six months last year included Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Suzhou and Tianjin.

Even if China continues with its current Five-Year Plan efforts to reduce emissions it would still take 10 years for air quality in Chinese cities to return to the cleaner levels of 2005, an unnamed official with the Ministry of Environmental Protection told the Economic Information Daily.

Shanghai experienced "dusty haze" conditions for about 155 days on average during recent years, according to the city's meteorological bureau. Haze was most frequent during the three months from November.

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