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Hot online: wolf dad, Kong swears, ova trade, bus safety

By Xu Pingting  (

13:28, November 21, 2011

(Liu Lijie/Newscartoon)

"Wolf dad"

Following the roars of a "tiger mom", a "wolf dad" stirred controversy again on "stick parenting."

Xiao Baiyou, a father of four, has three children who have entered Peking University.He recently published a book touting how his "sticks make a great man" philosophy landed his three children into the prestigious university.

Some parents support the approach, saying the "stick parenting" has proved successful as their children get good results in schools. Others disagree. One father said: "Education techniques should vary from child to child. The 'wolf dad' approach or democratic style may not suit all children."

Unsurprisingly, many children hate "sticks". One said "he'd rather live freely and happily than go to a good university under physical punishment."

Education experts consider the approach "pragmatic", saying children entering top university under "stick parenting" may be susceptible to personality disorders. Lawyers warn that the approach may breach domestic violence and child abuse laws.

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