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Return of the dragon babies

By Josie Zhang (Global Times)

13:09, November 21, 2011

My friend Grace is eight months pregnant. Like any mother, she wants the best for her newborn. She has decided to have her baby delivered at a local hospital in Changning district which specializes in "natural" births.

Grace was accepted by the hospital when she was eight weeks pregnant. But she told me that this is highly unusual, as hospitals have a policy of not accepting women who are beyond six weeks of pregnancy, as a way of limiting the amount of maternity patients and thus ensuring that there are vacant beds at the mothers' periods of childbirth.

However, if a "red envelope" containing, say, 2,000 yuan, ($312) is given over, these policies can be miraculously loosened.

And another reason why Grace was able to be accepted by this hospital is that her permanent residence is in Changning district.

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