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'Wolf dad' stirs debate over 'stick parenting'


14:12, November 20, 2011


BEIJING - Following the roars of a "tiger mom" that stirred controversy on parenting in China, a Hong Kong businessman is promoting his "wolf dad" approach in his book "That's Why They Go to Peking University," a book touting how his "sticks make a great man" philosophy landed his three children at the prestigious university.

Xiao Baiyou, a father of four, claims to spend 90 percent of his time and energy on parenting. He rules with absolute authority at home, controlling nearly every aspect of his children's lives - from cartoons, snacks, and pocket money to extracurricular activities and their friends.

"As kids, they have no judgment about what's right and wrong, so I teach them," according to his book that has become a bestseller since being published on June 1.

Even when the wolf father is away from the lair on business, his children must call him for permission to drink sodas. Those caught violating the wolf father's rules can expect physical punishments, he writes.

When his children were in preschool, they spent days reciting Chinese classics ranging from poetry to philosophy. If they failed to meet his standards, the children would be beaten with a feather duster. And they could only go to bed after finishing all of their homework.

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ji at 2011-11-2286.183.165.*
It is in every species interest to learnt and use the land to population ratio frugally, those species who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat is no longer an oxymoronic explanation for the lower birth rates among the higher educated than among the deprived lower educated species, may well be that children of the future are relatively more important to the former, thanks in considerable measure to the higher standards of schooling Tiger mums and Wolf dads demand for their offspring, and the future of which they envision our species should morph into.

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