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New public kindergarten to open next week after deadly school bus crash in NW China


14:05, November 20, 2011

ZHENGNING, Gansu, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- A new public kindergarten will open next Monday in northwest China's Gansu Province after the deadly school bus crash that killed 19 kids.

Twenty-one, including 19 preschoolers and two adults, died when a nine-seat school bus illegally carrying 64 people crashed head-on with a coal truck in Yulinzi township, Zhengning county in Qingyang city, Wednesday morning. A further 43 were injured.

The new public kindergarten has been equipped with a 45-seat school bus donated by an oil company, according to Qingyang city government.

Local authorities announced on Friday the new public kindergarten is at the site of just closed Little Doctor in Yulinzi township that the school bus belongs to.

With over 700 children, the Little Doctor has only four vans. All seats have been removed so more passengers can be crammed in.

Parents of the deceased children have started to return home. They will receive 436,000 yuan (68,500 U.S. dollars) in compensation and consolation money, the Qingyang city government said.

The statement also said that the government will earmark 680 million yuan (107 million U.S. dollars), 100 million yuan more than the earlier pledge, to build 200 public kindergartens in the next three years.

Each township will have a public kindergarten equipped with a standard school bus and every county seat will have five to 10 renovated or new kindergartens to ensure kids can study close to home, according to the statement.


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