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Beijing city gov't opens press release microblogging platform


08:24, November 18, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing municipal government Thursday launched a news release platform on Sina's, China's popular Twitter-like microblogging service.

Twenty municipal government agencies will post newly-unveiled policies and regulations, work developments, and information of news conferences on the joint microblog account, said Wang Hui, head of the Beijing municipal government's information office.

The government departments will also timely answer hot topics and social concerns, Wang said.

Many government departments have their own microblog accounts. The municipal public security bureau, for example, opened its microblog in August last year and now has over 1.8 million followers.

"I'm happy I can communicate directly with the government. And I hope my viewpoints and suggestions can get attention," said weibo user 1910060523.

Many, however, question the move. "Is it really the case that everything can be said here and the government will read the comments and give responses?" said another user.

Wang Hui said, "We are not just making a show. We shall be sincere to answer public's concerns over hot topics."

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