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Carer beaten in Haidian Hospital

By Wei Na (Global Times)

09:17, November 17, 2011

A care assistant at Longfu Hospital in Dongcheng district. Over 30,000 care assistants tend to patients' needs in Beijing's hospitals, without a license. Photo: CFP

A self-employed health care assistant at Haidian Hospital was beaten by two men, allegedly workers from a health care agency that was trying to eject independent workers.

The assistant, surnamed Xie, was hit in the stomach and face Tuesday, sustaining bruising. Police were called to the hospital, and mediated between the two sides, according to a report in the Beijing News yesterday.

The report alleged that the two assailants were hired by Jin Meng Tai Property Management Company, a health care assistant agency, to "expel illegal care assistants" in the hospital. 

"There are two kinds of care assistants in hospitals, those from agencies that have signed contracts, and individuals like me who look for hirers ourselves," a self-employed care assistant, surnamed Sun, told the paper.

"Recently, other people have been beaten in attacks like Xie was," said Sun, who has worked at Haidian Hospital for six years. 

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