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Leaving shadow of crime behind

By Huang Yuli  (China Daily)

08:56, November 17, 2011

SHENZHEN, Guangdong - When Wang Jinyun saw a message on his website in early 2007, he didn't think replying to it would totally change another person's life.

It was left by a young man who called himself Zhou Sanshi. He said his cousin had been involved in a robbery and asked how long the imprisonment might be.

Normally three to 10 years, Wang told him.

Wang, an ex-con, operates a website called Yangguang-xia (literally, Under the Sun), which persuades fugitives to turn themselves in to police.

The conversation between the two continued online, through text messages, e-mails and later over the phone.

Wang learned that the "cousin" accompanied a friend to see a girl in Shanghai when he was 17. The friend robbed the girl's wallet and mobile phone, then ran away. The "cousin" also ran away because he was afraid.

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