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Taxi drivers save a policeman from drunken driver

By Sun Chi (

10:57, November 15, 2011

WUHAN, Hubei -Three taxi drivers, who bravely saved a traffic police officer from the deadly wheels of a drunk driver, have been found and identified by the Wuhan traffic police department on Sunday.

They are Xie Yuansheng from Tian Xing Taxi Company, Xu Yongsheng from Lian Hai Taxi Company and Zhou Guohua from Da Tong Taxi Company.

A car pulled through a traffic checkpoint where Yang Peizhi (a traffic policeman from the Wuhan River Bank traffic unit) was on duty in the early morning of Oct 25.

In order to prevent the sedan from getting through, Yang held on to its rear-view door mirror regardless of his own personal safety and was dragged along the road for two kilometers until three taxis who were passing by managed to intercept the car.

Yang was saved from being run over as the three taxi drivers quietly left without leaving behind their names.

The Wuhan transportation bureau publicized the heroic deed on its micro blog, which caught the attention of many netizens who gave the three-taxi drivers a name: "Brothers Intercept".

Some netizens pointed out that their heroic deeds underlined their belief in human nature.

With the help of netizens and the citizens of Wuhan, the Transportation Bureau finally found all three "Brothers Intercept" and are to organize a thank-you party for them.

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helen at 2011-11-15203.82.94.*
I watched this in horror at CCTV4.That drunken driver must be charged with attempted murder. And the three taxi drivers commended for their civic duty.

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