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Storing energy to 'kill a tiger in spring'

By Zhang Qian (Shanghai Daily)

10:39, November 15, 2011

It's the season to eat gaofang herbal paste every day to store yang energy. Take proper gaofang treatment in winter and you can kill a tiger in the spring, or so they say. Zhang Qian reports.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there's always something you should be doing, some herbal medicine or food therapy you need to be taking to keep your system in tune with the seasonal changes in the universe. There's usually something a bit "off" energy-wise with most people.

Since winter is coming, this is the season for "reinforcing" therapy (jinbu), which stores yang (hot) energy in winter to make one strong in the spring. This is typically done by eating herbal paste (gaofang) or dissolving it in water and drinking daily.

"Jinbu in winter and kill a tiger in spring," the saying goes.

Jars of patent medicine paste appear in pharmacies everywhere.

TCM consulting rooms are crowded with people who want special gaofang prescriptions.

TCM pharmacists are busy filling prescriptions and concocting special paste.

A few foreigners are giving it a try - but it's too soon to say if they notice any results.

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