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Taobao Mall accused of cheating

By Ji Beibei (Global Times)

09:35, November 14, 2011

China's largest shopping website Taobao faced another risk to its reputation Sunday while still recovering from the damages caused by October protests by its small-scale merchants over membership fee hike.

Shopping frenzy on the November 11 Single's Day drove the trading volume of Taobao Mall (Tmall) to 3.36 billion yuan ($530 million), quadrupling that of the same day last year, with merchants offering 50 percent discount to capitalize on the occasion.

However, before Tmall could rejoice the achievement, it was faced with a crisis, with some buyers accusing the retailer of misleading consumers and cheating on prices.

A consumer surnamed Zhu told the Beijing News that he was informed of his "order being canceled" the very night when he bought a baby stroller for 464.5 yuan ($73), which is usually sold for 909 yuan.

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