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Bikes make a fashionable return to China's roads


15:12, November 11, 2011

JINAN, Nov.11 (Xinhua) -- After years of gathering dust in backyards and lockers, bikes have pedaled their way back into the minds of China's urbanites -- not as a transportation tool, but as a healthy, modern lifestyle.

Liu Guanqin, a 28-year-old in Jinan, capital city of eastern China's Shandong Province, recently purchased two mountain bikes, including a pink one for his girlfriend.

The couple took a 20 km bike trip to Jinan's southern suburban area last weekend.

"It was really amazing to ride a bike on the country roads, and we think it's cool, green and good for our health," he said, adding that riding bikes feels refreshing after sitting in an office five days a week and commuting by car.

Since registering as a member of the online forum of, Liu has had no difficulty finding others who share his love for biking.

Once dubbed "the Kingdom of Bikes," China claims to have 450 million bicycles across the country, according to China Bicycle Association.

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