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One dog policy barks Harbin


11:05, November 11, 2011

A one dog policy has been introduced for residents in the capital of Heilongjiang province in order to ensure personal safety and preserve public order, reported.

The new rule approved by Harbin City also bans dangerous and large dogs as well as limiting each household to one canine.

Dogs will also need to be registered with the authorities and owners will be warned that barking pets must be controlled.

Dog grooming in public is also banned as well as doghouses and cages, according to the report.

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miya at 2012-04-03174.91.231.*
it"s not just one dog policy, dogs like golden-retriever, labrador ,husky, and other 40 different kinds of dogs are facing this situation. For sure, people will fight for dog"s rights , and if necessary, people will bring the world"s animal protection groups" attention ,like the WSPA. Keep in mind, we are sharing one world.

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