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Government emulates charity

(Global Times)

10:35, November 11, 2011

Primary school students from a village in Guizhou Province wait for their first ever free lunch provided by the Free Lunch Project. Photo: CFP

Volunteers for the Free Lunch Project can take great comfort, not only in the smiling faces of students who benefit from their hard work, but also in the fact that the government has chosen to follow their example.

The Free Lunch Project was set up on April 2 by the China Social Welfare Education Foundation, and opened its own bank account to receive public donations. It was started by Deng Fei, a journalist at the Phoenix Weekly magazine, along with some 500 other journalists, media workers and lawyers.

The project calls for donors to make donations of three yuan to support students in poverty-stricken areas. This small sum is enough to provide them with one lunch daily.

Deng explains that in some regions, either due to poor economic conditions or the sheer distance between home and school, students are unable to eat lunch.

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