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Three's company for this village family

(China Daily)

09:21, November 11, 2011

Wang Yuxiang and her current husband Jin Boxing carry her ex-husband Wang Huafu outside for sunshine on Oct 20 in Wanmadu village, Zhejiang province. They have taken care of the paralyzed ex-husband for the past 10 years. Wu Yuanfeng / for China Daily

TIANTAI, Zhejiang - For the late Princess Diana, a marriage of three could be "a bit crowded", she told the BBC in 1995.

But for Wang Yuxiang, living with her "two husbands" may be the only way that all three of them, and perhaps their two kids, can survive.

"When life has driven you to desperation, you are left no choice but to make it work, whatever others call it," said Wang, talking about the crowded life she has shared for nearly 10 years with Wang Huafu, her paralyzed ex-husband that she divorced in 2002 and Jin Boxing, her current husband.

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