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Beijing plans to ID chip city's pooches

(China Daily)

10:11, November 10, 2011

A pet dog is fitted with an ID microchip at the Yuetan Park Police Station in Beijing's Xicheng district. The information contained on the chip includes the breed, the dog's vaccination records and its owner's contact details. [China Daily]

BEIJING - Guo Zixin clearly remembers the heartbreak she felt when her pet poodle went missing four years ago.

"I couldn't stop thinking about where Maomao had gone," said the 25-year-old postgraduate student.

"Was she stolen? Was she on the streets? Was she being taken care of? Was she suffering? I had all these questions in my mind."

The incident left such an impression that she now fears the same could happen to her new four-legged companion, a husky called Bojue.

From next year, however, Gao's concerns, and those of many other pet owners, may be eased if a free animal identification program is rolled out across the capital.

Deputies to the Beijing municipal people's congress are now mulling a proposal to expand a pilot project that will see all registered dogs fitted with ID chips.

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