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Strict checks conducted to ensure milk quality

(China Daily)

09:44, November 10, 2011

TIANJIN - Compared with the time that it takes to ensure the safety of a carton of milk, the two minutes it takes to drink it seems insignificant.

At the Bright Mengde Dairy plant in Tianjin, milk that is both coming and going is tested for dozens of contaminants.

After a tanker of milk arrives, Wang Ming, a sample collector, climbs onto it, removes its seals and stirs its contents 20 times with a long stick. Next he measures the milk's temperature and then scoops some of it into a glass bottle and a plastic jar.

"The milk in the glass bottle will undergo testing for microorganisms and antibiotics," Wang said. "And the milk in the plastic jar will be tested for fat, protein and adulteration."

Afterward, Wang stamps serial numbers onto the bottle and jar, and locks them both in a stainless steel box.

"Only the lab workers have the key, which ensures the milk is not polluted in the process," he said.

The samples are collected under the observation of an inspector from the quality supervision bureau.

If the testing produces good results, the truck is allowed to release its store of raw milk within 20 minutes.

"No truck can leave the factory without permission, because every car needs to be washed after it discharges milk to prepare it for carrying milk the next day," said Yu Ximei, quality control manager at the company.

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