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Experts discuss taming Internet in microblog era

(People's Daily)

17:05, November 09, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.9 (People's Daily Online) -- It can be said that 2011 marked the dawning of the era microblog-based transparency for China’s governmental entities.

Some administrative organs and officials have taken the lead in opening micro-blog accounts since the start of 2011. Administrative organs and officials, including 260 cadres at the departmental level or higher, have opened more than 10,000 micro-blog accounts on Tencent Weibo alone, and administrative organs have also opened more than 17,000 accounts on Sina Weibo.

The development trend of communications technology and the times is inevitable. Because government departments shoulder the tasks of promoting development and economic transition, face serious social contradictions, and seek to balance the interests of people from all walks of life, it is particularly urgent and important for them to explore the rights ways to manage the Internet.


Wang Yukai, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance

Deng Jianwei, director of the Publicity Department under the Guangdong Public Security Department

Yu Guoming, a professor at the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China

Chen Changfeng, a professor and vice director of the Center for Journalism Studies at Tsinghua University

Han Liyong, a veteran netizen and a former moderator of popular Tianya discussion forum

Zhu Huaxin, secretary-general of the Public Opinion Monitoring Office under People's Daily Online

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