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Sales of pirated Steve Jobs' book soar

(China Daily)

13:26, November 09, 2011

Fans of Steve Jobs queue up to pay for his biography in a bookstore in Shanghai on Oct 24.[Photo/China Daily]

SHANGHAI - Even as Steve Jobs' biography flies off the shelves in the major bricks and mortar bookstores in Shanghai, peddlers selling pirated copies of the book are making brisk business all across the eastern metropolis

Interest in the life of the pioneer of personal computer revolution continues to soar, particularly since his passing on Oct 5. Peddlers in remote corners of Shanghai have made a small fortune from hawking pirated copies of Jobs' biography.

Pirated copies of the Chinese translation of Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs surfaced in Shanghai within 10 days of the regular version hitting the stores. Pirated versions sold at 10 yuan ($1.6) each compared to the 68 yuan charged at bookstores. Pirated English editions are selling at around 30 yuan each, compared to the 200-yuan-plus price charged by online stores.

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Sales of pirated Steve Jobs' book soar

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