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Why you dirty rat ...

(China Daily)

09:26, November 09, 2011

CHANGSHA - When restaurants have closed at night, Ma Dayong's work begins.

He checks the nearby area, hammers in a few nails to help fix thin iron wire into a trap that can carry 1,600 volts, then turns off all the lights and retreats quietly to a comfortable place to watch, and wait.

If lucky, he can stretch his legs out on a couch. Sometimes he makes do by taking short naps with his head on a dinner table. He is frequently woken up by alarms from the trap.

"We've got a catch!" Ma exclaims and hurries to the dark kitchen, careful to turn on his flashlight first and not to tread on the wire himself.

Ma is a rat exterminator, and his greatest gift to new customers is a large number of dead rats.

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