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Nine convicted for two roast duck scams

(China Daily)

08:52, November 09, 2011

Wang Wenhe (right) is sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a court in Beijing's Xicheng district on Tuesday, for producing and selling harmful roast ducks. His wife Fang Jinnu received a one-year term for the same crime. Cao Yin / China Daily

BEIJING - Nine people, involved in two separate gangs producing and selling unsafe food in the capital, received jail terms ranging from one to six years on Tuesday.

Wang Wenhe, 43, and his wife, Fang Jinnu, were found guilty in the people's court of Xicheng district of repackaging and selling rotten ducks and sentenced to two and a half years and one year respectively.

Their two accomplices received prison terms of two and a half years and two years.

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