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Hangzhou officials in hot water over civil servant subsidies

(Global Times)

15:47, November 08, 2011

The government of Hangzhou is under fire for offering subsidies to its civil servants after canceling their public cars two years ago, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Since 2009, Hangzhou has not issued government cars to save costs. The government reduced its fleet from 1,200 to 400 cars within two years, Xinhua reported.

The news was confirmed by a staff member from the Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission. The member said they managed to succeed in the plan to reduce government vehicles.

"All government cars are stored in a public car center, which was especially built to manage these cars. Transportation subsidies will be offered to civil servants," according to the staff member, who declined to reveal his real name to the Global Times.

Once handed over to the special car management center, government cars were either auctioned off or moved to law enforcement departments, Xin-hua reported. The center has also kept some of the cars for its own unspecified use.

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