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'Medical city' comes to life

(China Daily)

10:17, November 08, 2011

(From left) David Kerr, professor of cancer medicine at the University of Oxford, Chen Lihua, chairwoman of the Fu Wah International Group, Zeng Yixin, vice-president of the Peking Union Medical College, and Zhao Yong, president of the Fu Wah International Group, at a ceremony signing a letter of intent for medical collaboration in Beijing on Nov 3. Lu Zhongqiu / China Daily

BEIJING - A planned "medical city" for east Beijing's Tongzhou district is eyeing the growing demand for high-quality medical services and has set a goal of becoming a medical tourism site.

"Since Chinese people are becoming richer and richer, their awareness of health is growing rapidly. That's why we are going to build a first-grade medical city," said Chen Lihua, chairwoman of the Fu Wah International Group, developer of the medical city.

Nearly 60,000 Chinese people go abroad annually for healthcare services, especially for cancer screening, giving birth and getting treatment for chronic diseases, according to earlier media reports.

But Chen's plan is to attract patients to her medical city instead.

"The medical city will include disease prevention centers, the best general hospitals, a nursing home and a health examination center," Chen said.

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