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Crazy Li’s wife posts new abuse photo

(People's Daily Online)

09:17, November 08, 2011

Kim Lee leaves an undated photo of injuries attached to a message blaming her husband’s irresponsibility on her microblog on Nov. 7, 2011.(People's Daily Online/Chen Lidan)

Beijing, Nov.8 (People's Daily Online) --The American wife of China’s most famous English teacher on Monday abruptly posted an undated picture of her bruised neck on her Twitter-like Sina Weibo account as the latest evidence of husband’s brutal treatment.

Kim Lee, wife of the “Crazy English” founder Li Yang, also posted several messages together with Monday’s picture lashing out at Li’s irresponsibility.

Lee wrote, “I am done waiting for you to face your responsibilities as you continue promoting yourself! I didn't post all the photos, but you seem to have forgotten how unacceptable your actions were. Only your hands are stronger than mine Li Yang. My character is kindhearted but not weak!”

Meanwhile, Lee stated her fearlessness to pressure imposed by Li Ning, the sister-in-law. In another message posted on Monday as well, she wrote, “…dear sister-in-law: I know my home is in your name. I don't care if you refuse to pay the management fee. This does not scare me.”

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Gerard at 2011-11-08123.131.134.*
Send that little boy my way. I can always smack some sense into him. How dare he lift his hands to a women. REAL MEN DO NOT HIT WOMEN!

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