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Taiwan farmers eye bigger market share on mainland

(China Daily)

09:01, November 08, 2011

Peasants pick flowers in a greenhouse in Qingliu Development Park for Taiwan Farmers in Fujian province in a file photo. Zhang Guojun / Xinhua

SANMING, Fujian - Taiwan farmers who set up businesses at a development park in Qingliu county in East China's Fujian province are eyeing a bigger market on the mainland. They hope that the local government helps address their financing problems.

Qingliu Development Park for Taiwan Farmers was set up in 2006 and is among the six parks of its kind in Fujian. The parks aim to attract Taiwan farmers to bring investment, agricultural varieties, as well as technological and managerial skills, besides helping them explore the market on the mainland and boosting cross-Straits cooperation in the agricultural field, local officials said.

There are 29 such parks on the mainland.

"The soil and climate in Fujian are quite similar to those in Taiwan, and it's suitable for growing Taiwan vegetables such as cabbage, balsam pear and okra," said Tang Thin-then who hails from Taiwan's Taichung and has invested around 20 million yuan ($3.15 million) to grow vegetables in the development park in Qingliu last year.

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