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Hospital baby snatch broke

(China Daily)

08:54, November 08, 2011

Local police found Ke Ke, a 6-day-old baby girl, and reunited her with her parents two days after she was stolen from a hospital in Xinghua of Jiangsu province on Nov 4. [China Daily]

The baby, named Ke Ke, was just six days old when her parents discovered her missing at the Oriental Obstetrics Hospital in Xinghua on Friday morning.

"Ke Ke was supposed to lie in the cradle in front of her mother's bed. But we woke up around 5 am and found her gone," said Zhang Jinbing, the 22-year-old father.

A camera in the hospital captured images of a woman leaving the hospital at around 0:20 am carrying a baby, and following a tip-off from a taxi driver, who drove two females with a baby to Xinghua's Daduo town, the infant was found on Nov 6 in a residential block.

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