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Young benefit from charity group exchanges

(China Daily)

08:45, November 08, 2011

Russian and Chinese primary and middle school students dance at the Beijing No 80 Middle School on Aug 2. About 450 Russian students came to Beijing during a 12-day trip throughout China, which was organized as part of a summer camp. Feng Yongbin / China Daily

BEIJING - Taitelova Karina, a 22-year-old Kazakh student at Beijing Language and Culture University, never thought charitable work and caring for kids would help her assimilate into Chinese culture.

Having won scholarships from Beijing's education administrations, Karina is now entering her senior year at the university and is getting a bachelor's degree in international political studies.

"I'm now preparing every necessary material to establish my current studies on Kazakhstan's role in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization," Karina said on Sunday. "And I think (the organization) is running pretty well."

Karina's dream is to become a diplomat who would work to improve relations between China and Kazakhstan, and she is now planning to further study international relations and pursue a master's degree at Beijing Language and Culture University.

Starting her studies in 2008, Karina became the first international student in the university's politics department.

Someone who wants to try to understand Karina's life in China could easily start by looking at her scores at various Chinese speech contests and her participation in a dance team and at cultural festivals on campus. But a far better way to learn about it is to consider the experience she had with the charity Sun Village on June 1, in Beijing.

Sun Village, a non-governmental organization that accommodates hundreds of kids who do not receive regular parental supervision, has been giving foster care to the children of imprisoned convicts.

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