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Boy, schoolmates will not suffer hunger again

(China Daily)

08:42, November 08, 2011

QIANXI, Guizhou - For 10-year-old Gao Defu, the daily commute to a primary school in Zhongshan village in Qianxi county, a remote village in Southwest China's Guizhou province, is not as easy as his city-based fellows' school-bound journey.

The boy gets up quite early to make sure he can arrive at Shaba Primary School at 8 am. It's two-hour journey from his home, through mountain roads.

Gao is one of the school's 169 students who often miss lunch because of the long distance between their home and the school.

"Sometimes, when I wake up early, I cook corn meal and take it along for lunch," Gao said. But on most days he goes hungry.

Gao's parents divorced and both left him back home to seek job opportunities elsewhere when he was three. He never saw them again.

"I can barely remember what they look like," said Gao. His parents have not kept in touch since they went away.

He lives with his 71-year-old grandfather, the only family member he has now, in a crude thatched hut built 20 years ago.

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