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Index: China's employment quality low

(Guangming Daily)

17:07, November 07, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.7 (People's Daily Online) --Recently, the 2011 Report of China's Labor Market, was published, which found the overall quality of employment in China remains at a relatively low level.

The index was 33.23 points in 2007 and 34.81 in 2008. The report, compiled by the Research Center for Labor Market Studies, is the first to focus specifically on employment quality in China.

The assessments were made according to an indicator system, which consists of six dimensional indicators, 20 sub-dimensional indicators and 50 third-class indicators. The six dimensional indicators are employment environment, ease of finding work, work status, payments, social protection and labor relations.

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