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Nurses vanish as baby is stolen from hospital

(Shanghai Daily)

13:52, November 07, 2011

A couple claims there was no nurse on duty at a hospital ward from which their newborn girl was stolen.

Surveillance video shows an unidentified woman entering the hospital in Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, unchallenged on Friday morning and leaving with the child.

The family said the video also shows there was no one on duty at the nurses' station that night.

Police are now searching for the woman caught on camera at the Oriental Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital, according to the Modern Express newspaper.

Zhang Jingbing, the baby's father, said his wife Ju Yong-xiang put their six-day-old daughter to bed about 11:30pm on Friday and went to sleep. When the parents awoke about 5am, the baby was missing.

Zhang went to the security room and found a surveillance video showed a woman entering the hospital just after midnight and leaving with the baby 20 minutes later.

The woman was wearing a hat and a scarf and her features were not clear on the video, the report said.

Zhang found the video also showed no staff were on duty at the nurses' station on that floor.

Another patient, surnamed Xu, confirmed he found no one on duty when he went to the nurses' station to charge his cellphone about 3am.

Zhang said no hospital staff had contacted him after the incident. The newspaper reported the hospital had taken no steps to address the incident, and doctors and nurses were shifting blame.

Police said they received Zhang's complaint and started an investigation. The woman is now on their wanted list.

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