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20 teenage girls facing charges in 'sex ring'

By Xu Chi  (Shanghai Daily)

08:28, November 07, 2011

Some 20 teenage girls, mostly students under 18 years old and including two under 14, have been caught by police offering prostitution in Shanghai to earn pocket money.

Three of the suspects, believed to be starters of the "teenage girl prostitution ring," face charges of offering sex services and inducing classmates and friends to enter the business, Zhabei District prosecutors said.

"Many of them offered the prostitution services only to earn some pocket money and they were not ashamed of the trade," said Han Konglin, a prosecutor.

Han said some come from families with decent economic backgrounds. Some of the girls would contact customers whenever they didn't have enough pocket money to go shopping.

"To me, it's not even realistic or worthwhile to study hard, go to university and have a decent job," said one suspect, a vocational school student nicknamed Xiao Wen. "I don't want to be a normal worker like my parents, living a hard life to earn money."

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