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China to phase out incandescent lamps


13:36, November 05, 2011

BEIJING - China on Friday unveiled its three-step plan for phasing out energy-inefficient incandescent light bulbs in an attempt to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Imports and sales of 100-watt-and-higher incandescent light bulbs will be banned as of Oct 1, 2012, Xie Ji, deputy director of the environmental protection department with the National Development and Reform Commission said at a conference.

This will be followed by a ban on imports and sales of 60-watt-and-above incandescent light bulbs starting October 1, 2014, he said.

The same rule will apply to incandescent light bulbs of 15 watts or higher from Oct 1, 2016, he added.

The government might adjust the last step according to a mid-term evaluation which will run for one year and finish on Sept 30, 2016, he said.

The plan shows China's determination to press ahead in its efforts to save energy, reduce emissions and curb climate change, he said.

"China is a major manufacturer and consumer of lighting products," he said, adding that the country is the world's largest producer of both energy-saving and incandescent bulbs.

In 2010, production of incandescent light bulbs totaled 3.85 billion units, and domestic sales stood at 1.07 billion units, he said.

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