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Yue Yue's father donates to sick girl for needed surgery

(Global Times)

13:21, November 04, 2011

The father of a Foshan toddler run over and left to die by people walking by made a second donation from money he received through donations for his deceased daughter's medical treatment, reported CCTV.

Wang Chichang donated a portion of his 270,000 yuan ($42,498) donation to an 11-year-old girl suffering from acute aplastic anemia.

Li Huiqian was told of her disease in April and is now waiting for surgery at a hospital in Beijing. The surgery will cost about 600,000 yuan.

Li's parents heard Wang was willing to donate the money he received from the public after Yue Yue's accident. They contacted Wang to ask for help, according to Nanfang Daily Thursday.

After Wang made sure Li's situation was genuine, he donated 30,000 yuan through a friend of her parents.

Wang had received so many calls for help even before he made his first donation of 60,000 yuan to a leukemia patient on Monday.

However, he also received a lot of criticism and suspicion from the public, according to CCTV.

In fact, Wang had opened a bank account that was under the supervision of the public on October 18 after his family received a donation of 270,000 yuan, CCTV said.

"All donations in the account can be checked by the public," Wang told CCTV.

"I will not use a cent for personal use, in order to avoid public suspicion that I will misuse the donations for personal purposes. There was even a rumor that I had fled with the money."

Wang said Thursday he would donate all the money he had received from the public to raise awareness of collective responsibility and concern for children, according to the Nanfang Daily.

Separately, there was another tragedy reported by Shandong TV Thursday that a five-year-old boy was knocked down by a huge roof-beam and died eventually in Linyi, Shandong Province.

The mother of the little boy was on the spot and kneeled down as cars passed by. For 10 minutes no car stopped to help the boy to hospital until an ambulance finally arrived.

The mother of the boy cried to Shandong TV that one of the cars that passed by was the official car of local city management officials.

The son suffered the same misfortune as Yue Yue and finally died in an ambulance but may have lived if he were helped sooner, Shandong TV reported.

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