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Medics suspended after baby left for dead in bag

(Shanghai Daily)

10:35, November 04, 2011

Medics in southern Guangdong Province were suspended yesterday after wrongly pronouncing a premature baby dead, putting it in a plastic bag and leaving it in a toilet.

When, 30 minutes later, family members demanded to see body, they discovered that the infant was alive.

And having been told by nurses that the baby was a girl, it was actually a boy.

The child is now being treated in the neonatal care unit of the same hospital, the Nanhai District Red Cross Hospital, in Foshan City.

An initial investigation suggested a nurse judged the baby to be dead without reporting to a doctor, as required, said the Foshan health bureau.

Liu Dongmei, the 23-year-old mother from Jiangxi Province, said she gave birth a month prematurely.

Her husband, Wang Haizhang, 24, said a doctor, surnamed Cao, was on duty but absent, leaving two nurses in the delivery room.

The baby was born at 5:17am on October 26. Wang didn't hear the newborn crying and was told by a nurse, who put the child in a bag, that the baby was dead.

Shocked at the news, Wang called his sister and her husband, who came to the hospital.

They asked to see the baby's body and, when the bag was opened in the toilet, saw that the child was moving.

The baby was rushed to the neonatal care unit, with Wang's family recording a video of the process.

A doctor with the pediatrics department said on Wednesday that the child would be fine.

An official of Foshan Health Bureau said a series of tests should had taken place to confirm the baby was dead.

However, the director of the department of gynecology and obstetrics, Huang Lichuan, admitted that, before the child was born, the doctor on duty simply judged it to be dead by experience and left the delivery to nurses.

Experts said it was also a violation of regulations allowing nurses to deliver the baby.

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