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J&J's harmful baby shampoo angers buyers

(Global Times)

10:07, November 03, 2011

Chinese parents backed calls for a boycott of Johnson & Johnson's (J&J) baby products following a report by a US organization that said the healthcare giant was selling baby shampoo with cancer-risk elements in a number of countries.

The boycott call was made by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC), which said in its report Monday that J&J continues to sell its baby shampoo in countries including Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia and the US, in spite of the group's warning to the company in 2009 that the shampoo contains two harmful chemicals.

Adding to the outrage is the fact that J&J has already marketed upgraded products that are free of the two chemicals in Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, South Africa and other countries, the report revealed.

"All babies deserve safer products. J&J clearly can make safer baby shampoo in all the markets around the world, but it's not doing it," Lisa Archer, director of the CSC, told the AP.

The group urged buyers to boycott J&J's baby products until the company agrees to remove the chemicals from its products sold around the world.

The two chemicals are quaternium-15 and 1,4-dioxane.

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helen at 2011-11-04203.82.92.*
Increasingly, more and more US multinationals are dumping unsafe and unhealthy products on the Chinese markets. The Chinese media should continue to inform and educate the Chinese people that blind preference to all foreign products is ill-advised.China must remain vigilant and prevent foreign companies from treating the Chinese markets as the dumping ground for their sub-standard and pernicious products.If this has happened to Chinese products the US racist media would repeatedly and repeatedly publicise it to demonise and ostracise China and the Chinese people.

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