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Marriage weighs on mind of young men

(People's Daily Online)

08:42, November 03, 2011

Fang passes through a ginkgo woods. In the later autumn, leaves start to become yellow and fall on the ground. Fang shares the beautiful scenery with nobody.

Edited and Translated by Zhao Guobing, People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.3 (People's Daily Online) --"You promised me that you would get married when you are 30 years old. You should keep your words," said Fang Yun's father on the phone.

Fang Yun is a designer working in an interior decoration company in Beijing. Fang Yun is his screen name, meaning "living as free as the clouds and at the same time with some discipline."

In 2003, Fang Yun retired from military service at the age of 22. Since then, his father has constantly pestered about marriage. When asked when he will get married, every time he would dismiss the question perfunctorily with a few words like "wait until I am 30." But now he is 30. And to make things worse, his father took it as a promise.

Fang resigned from a job in his hometown in Hubei and came to Beijing in 2008 only because he could not stand his parents pressure to get married. However, this only exacerbated the situation and made the old couple angrier. "Nothing but getting married and having a baby is the greatest filial piety," reprimanded his father on the phone.

His mother told him that every time they talked about his marriage, she and the old man could not go to sleep. At first, Fang thought that it was ridiculous for his parents to think that way, but he really should make good on his promise after deep consideration.

After all, marriage is not a casual affair. You have to find someone who can share the same view as you. Fang said that some friends around him got married, quarreled and then split, but there were still some who were living together. In Fang’s mind, reading favorite books and climbing mountains with best friends is also a style of life.

But here comes his 30th birthday.

Fang plans to get married next year and fulfill the desires of his parents. He hopes that he will meet his future wife through parents' introduction and finish his wedding in his hometown. After that, he can live a life just like his parents wish.

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jerry at 2011-11-0459.38.192.*
rest midway?Rest midday.
Life-style has been dive at 2011-11-04122.71.224.*
There are two reasons actually for most of young men who didn't get married so far,the first some are accustomed to their present single life, the second, some are homosexuals and they have to conceal the reality of their sexual orientation,but pressure from both family and society made them crazy, finally get married but never happy never enjoy the two-persons world.
孙国柱 at 2011-11-03221.6.40.*

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