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Doctors urge caution as fog shrouds Beijing

(Global Times)

13:28, November 01, 2011

Heavy fog has shrouded the capital city, causing a surge in the numbers of patients with respiratory problems, while Beijing Meteorological Bureau (BMB) issued four yellow alerts for dense fog in the last two days.

BMB forecasts the fog will continue on into the week, and doctors have advised caution when undertaking outdoor exercise.

"We saw a 13 percent rise in the patients who have respiratory problems from Saturday to Monday compared to the same time last week, as well as a 14 percent increase in people with strokes," said Li Jianren, the spokesman for the 120 mergency medical center.

"But there has been a 13 percent decrease in traffic accidents, probably because more people chose not to go outside," Li noted.

The 999 Emergency Rescue Center also said Monday there had been a 30 percent spike in the number of patients treated for respiratory problems, including asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau's guidelines, the Air Pollution Index (API) Monday was between 150 to 170, indicating "slight" pollution, and the API will be lower today, between 110 to 130.

The bureau said Monday that there were nine days in October with "air quality exceeding the standard."

It added that up to Monday, there were 239 "blue sky days" this year with good air quality, seven days less than the same time last year.

However, a microblog post from Zheng Yuanjie, a famous writer, captioned his picture of the Beijing sky with "the air smells like sulfur perfume, as the capital city currently looks like a poisonous huge gas can," questioning the bureau's description of "slight" pollution in the capital.

"The fog has not been conducive for pollutants to disperse, and people who have respiratory problems should not take exercise in the morning," said Tong Zhaohui, a doctor at Chaoyang Hospital.

"Actually all people should avoid unnecessary 'outdoor activities' under such weather," Tong added.

BMB issued a yellow alert at 10 am Monday, following three previous alerts on Sunday, warning that the fog and haze could decrease visibility to within 1,000 meters in the city. In some areas, visibility was less than 200 meters.

Up to Sunday night, 163 flights at Beijing Capital International Airport were canceled, but visibility improved to 1,500 meters Monday morning, so that flights were on schedule, according to airport authorities.

The bureau forecasts dense fog will remain, gradually dissipating overnight, but the sky will not clear until the weekend.


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PD User at 2011-11-17220.181.51.*
Yea .I am agree with you .Thank you to care about china
ASEAN at 2011-11-14220.255.1.*
Let’s be frank about it. Beijing and many cities in China are heavily polluted. It is not only the air. The water, lakes, rivers and lands are all extremely polluted. The Beijing leadership should get a few groups of independent experts from different universities in the whole of China to get samples of the air in different parts of Beijing and other cities. Then analyze the air samples and get the reports out to the authority in Beijing directly bypassing the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. Someone in Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is not doing a good job. Probably that person got some shares in some companies that are causing these pollution in the first place. I am very sure that the Beijing leadership got the interest of the people at heart but it is always some corrupted individuals that do not performed a good job and their interest is not that of the mass.I had written many many times about the effect of pollution in China. It is affecting the health of many people now and it will get worse in the coming years. Not only that, the future generations of the Chinese are likely to be affected as well.Can someone get this message out to the President and Prime Minister of China ? It is of paramount importance that the pollutions be reduced drastically in the whole of China. The children are being affected. Use your reserve to clean up the whole of China. I love China. Please get it done fast.The Beijing leadership should endorse those who speak up for the common good of the mass and investigate the regular reports from Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau which seems to always claim that the air is good.
LzsBAJWsImlHDumB at 2011-11-1384.241.139.*
Good report, please keep going on.
Jennifer at 2011-11-13180.155.28.*
One doesn"t need to be an expert to look out a Beijing window and tell that the pollution is so bad that it can cause permanent health problems, and since when does an "expert" have a better sense of smell than an artist? I personally can TASTE the pollution when it goes over 150.
Yue Lao Er at 2011-11-0269.204.238.*
Why does Zheng Yuanjie think he can comment on air quality? Is he an expert with training in air pollution? This is the problem with many artist types. They think because they write books, poetry or music or paint pictures it makes them an expert in everything else. Impossible.

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