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Man jailed for stabbing his mother

(China Daily)

08:52, November 01, 2011

SHANGHAI - A young man who stabbed his mother in March after quarreling with her was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

The man, a 25-year-old surnamed Wang, stabbed his mother nine times with a dagger just 10 minutes after he had arrived at the Pudong International Airport on March 31 following a trip to Japan.

Wang said he began quarreling with his mother when she refused to give him money he had asked for and started nagging him. He responded by reaching into his backpack and pulling out a dagger that he had bought in Japan to protect himself.

After the stabbing, Wang's mother, whose surname is Gu, fell into a deep coma, which she fully recovered from in October. The 52-year-old woman said Wang had been suffering from mental disorders before the attack.

The court ruled that the defendant had committed an intentional assault and seriously injured the victim. A subsequent mental assessment of Wang found he was aware of what he was doing and acted with intent when he stabbed his mother.

Wang's relatives said he is selfish and that Gu was too willing to support him.

When Wang studied economics at Japan's Nihon University, he spent from 300,000 yuan ($47,000) to 400,000 yuan a year, according to the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post.

At the same time he was paying those amounts, his mother's monthly income was about 7,000 yuan, forcing her to go greatly into debt to meet Wang's needs, according to the newspaper.

In court, Gu pleaded for Wang to be given a light punishment, saying her son was provoked into stabbing her by his mental troubles.

The attack gave rise to concerns throughout society.

Du Liqun, a 50-year-old mother whose son is pursuing an undergraduate degree in the UK, said it is extremely important for both overseas students and their parents to know how to spend money.

"Without a good head for money manners, a student, especially a young one who relies entirely on his parents financially, is likely spending unwisely and will be trapped in financial difficulties," Du said.

Gu said she has given her son everything he has asked for in the past two years, even a 120,000 yuan car. In February, though, she changed her mind about that practice and now gives him about 10,000 yuan a month for lodging, as well money to pay for his annual tuition fees.

"He can lead a decent life with that money," she said. "If it's not enough, he'll have to work to earn more."

Zhang Tian, a consultant who helps students and parents make financial plans for overseas study, said there are three chief reasons why parents are willing to give large amounts of money to their children.

Many of them have only one child, whom they are often overprotective of; many do not know they can apply for loans to help pay for overseas schooling; and many believe that students should spend all of their time studying, not making money.

To encourage their children to concentrate on their books, some parents have understated the extent of their financial difficulties. Students, on the other hand, often spend too much on luxury goods because they like to show off, Zhang said.

"I suggest that parents and kids be totally honest about the amount of money that is needed for study, and set a maximum amount that is reasonable for students to spend," Zhang said.

Many students, though, said it is unfair to say that all of them "overspend".

"We are adults and we are expected to know how we should behave - to watch over our bank accounts for instance," said Li Xiang, a sophomore at Lancaster University in the UK.

"Most of my UK friends have student loans and have no one to rely on."

"Some students also work extremely hard to win scholarships so they do not need to ask for money from their parents," said Veronica Fu, a student at Tennessee State University.

"Even if my mother gives me 200,000 yuan a year, I will still work hard to win scholarships and will take a part-time job. Students need to realize that it's a shame to rely on their parents. We are fully capable of making money."

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