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Program helps students learn and grow together

(China Daily)

13:39, October 31, 2011

An Austrian college student teaches children English at the Shaolin Culture and Martial Arts School in Xincai, Henan province. ZHAO XUEFENG / FOR CHINA DAILY

BEIJING - Cornelia Renz had never known anyone as chatty as he is until she met Gao Yuan.

Renz, a postgraduate student at University of Salzburg in Austria, was paired with the Chinese exchange student two months ago in a "buddy system". They have got on famously ever since.

"She talks as much as I do," Renz said of her new pal with a laugh.

Both are participants of the media communication and management program jointly run by Austrian and Chinese education administrations as part of the Erasmus Project, a European Union student exchange program.

Gao, a 22-year-old postgrad at Beijing Foreign Studies University, arrived in Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart, in September with 18 other Chinese students selected to attend the five-month, tuition-free program.

As well as the buddy system to help newcomers settle in, group discussions and content analysis done in class enable students to have a more comprehensive view of the world.

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